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D2 issues

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I'm new to this forum (and new to the saxophone actually). I started teaching myself Alto sax yesterday and I'm fine with the first octave, and all the other notes in the 2nd octave apart from D2!

When I finger D1 and then hold down the octave key it sounds an A2 rather than a D2. I don't get this problem with any other note other than D. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I'm definitely holding down the keys fully and have tried various adjustments to my embouchure.

If anyone has any ideas of what's going on I wold be very grateful.
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A few ideas that have worked with my students:

-Say "haup" when you take a breath and blow with warm air
-Blow the sax with the same feeling in your throat and tongue as when singing Ah on the lowest note you can sing.
-Make sure the head is level and the mouthpiece is going straight into the mouth
-Blow your airstream as if your are blowing toward your thumb on the octave key
-Have your embouchure set so that an Ab Concert is produced when you play the neck and mouthpiece alone

If you practice doing all of the above and a high A still comes out when you play a D, check to see if the neck octave key is opening slightly (it should only open on high A and above). Good luck. Hope some of this helps.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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