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D2 issues

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I'm new to this forum (and new to the saxophone actually). I started teaching myself Alto sax yesterday and I'm fine with the first octave, and all the other notes in the 2nd octave apart from D2!

When I finger D1 and then hold down the octave key it sounds an A2 rather than a D2. I don't get this problem with any other note other than D. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I'm definitely holding down the keys fully and have tried various adjustments to my embouchure.

If anyone has any ideas of what's going on I wold be very grateful.
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So you're playing middle D :line4: and are getting the A above :line6: ?

When does it happen? When you try to start on the note? If you slur down from E or play a descending scale like A G F# E D, does it automatically jump back up? Do you ever just get the D or does it jump to A every time?

A' is an overtone of 'D'. Getting that overtone instead of the intended note is usually because of biting/too much pressure on the reed and/or improper throat voicing. Make sure your embouchure isn't too tight and make sure you're blowing warm air instead of cool.
Well, I'm gonna chime in and give advice that has repeatedly been given here on the forum:

Get a teacher. It's relatively easy to teach yourself SOME guitar and SOME piano without creating too many problems for yourself later. It is SO much harder to teach yourself a wind instrument because it's SO easy to do things wrongs. Adding the lips/mouth/throat/lungs really complicates things too. I played for about 8 years in school bands before taking lessons with a REAL teacher. It was amazing how much stuff I was doing wrong. Don't fall into that trap, get a teacher. SOTW can be helpful, but it can never replace a live human being willing to give you hands on instruction.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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