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CX90 Alto: Has Anybody Played One?

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You should do a search, as I'm sure I've seen a couple reviews here in the past. I believe they pretty much echoed what MoonMind said here. You also have to not mind the seam along the front of the bell, if you care about such things. Sorry you missed out on my SX90 Tone King! The CX90 is a good deal, especially if you offer them a couple hundred less and they accept it. I'm sure you noticed the used CX90's on ebay from Music 123. They all have problems and are listed for much more. If I had the dough, I'd give it a go. Unless of course you are going to try and play mostly rock tunes with it...
Words of advice....if you return it and you don't receive your refund within two weeks dispute the charge when your credit card bill arrives, regardless of anything Prowinds tells you. If you paid by Paypal tell them after the two weeks you will open up a dispute with Paypal, but you HAVE TO make sure you do so within the time limit(I forget what it is). They hate that because it somehow ties up their money. Other wise you could be waiting MONTHS to get a refund.
Well, remember, if you decide to send to send your dog in your avatar back, I love that face:bluewink:!
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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