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CX90 Alto: Has Anybody Played One?

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If there are any current or past CX90 alto owners here, what after-market case did / do you use for the horn? Thank you!

This looks like the same horn as the CX-90, although it was almost 4 years ago when I played the Keilwerth version. Big price difference, though.
As I have learned, Senzo has a very different bore and a much more rigorous quality control. The latter is 2-step in Europe and elsewhere and even 3-step when these horns are imported in the US. The testers, all being reputable players, will often send the overall fine instruments back to the factory for improvement. This, and the fact that Senzo is manufactured at two factories instead of one incurring additional logistical expenses, I believe, is reflected in this instrument's price tag.
That having been said, I do enjoy playing my CX90 a lot. It is a wonderful instrument boasting a great deal of versatility on many levels. So yes, CX90 is not a Senzo, despite the almost identical outside look, but it is a great horn in its own right.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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