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Current G1 tenor necks

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My brother-in-law just bought a YTS62II with the G1 neck. It's WAY out of tune in the palm keys. I though that Yamaha had fixed this situation with the G1 neck.

Has anyone else recently got a new 62 with intonation problems?
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How long has been playing and what was he playing before?

He's pretty much a beginner but I played the horn and it's very sharp in the palm keys. As you know I've had a lot of horns and I could always play them in tune but this thing just pins the needle sharp. There is just no way to play those notes in tune. That's why I was wondering if he got a bad neck. Maybe his horn is new old stock and came with a bad G1?
It could be the neck, but I've had intonation issues that were due to pad tears and pads not seating properly as well. If it's in great shape otherwise, it could be the neck, but it could be the mouthpiece choice. I'd say to take it to a good repairman to verify that everything is seated correctly, but it could well be the neck.
Like Honk says, could also be the mouthpiece doesn't match up well. Years ago I had a great New York USA Meyer 8M rubber tenor mpc that played sharp on my Super 20 tenor, especially in the palm keys. Chamber was just too small.
try self stick felt pads under the palm key stops to close the keys a little.
I have a G-1 neck that I use on my Yts -62 (Not a II ) . I kept this neck that originally came with a YTS 34II that I have since sold. It played in tune on the 34 II , and also with the 62. I tend to agree with the other posters that it's a MPC issue. But, anything mass produced can be subject to inconsistency.
I'll have to agree, it's probably MPC issue. ALthough, another possibility is that the cork on the bottom of the palm keys are too thick/thin. I had that issue on a tenor I used to own. If you're not sure, have a local tech look it over.
Also, I don't know about the newer ones, but the older G-1 necks were designed to support a constant embouchure. If he pinches, even a little;as he goes higher, the pitch will sky rocket.
To me, the G1 necks are pretty "open" and "free". If your used to a neck with more resistance I think it takes some time to adjust to the G1. I have to relax a bit in the higher register, which took a little time for it to feel comfortable, but I now have a nice full tone in the upper register which plays in tune. A lot of players, it seems, blow sharp on the G1 until they "learn" how to play on it. If you can't get used to it, you should see if Yamaha will swap a M1 (came on the original 875 customs), or an F1 (which is the neck of the original 62), or even try a G1 custom (it's different than the G1 that comes on the 62II). Good luck.
Octave Key?

My 62II had intonation problems, but they were due to an octave key problem. Once that problem was solved, I have not had a problem.
Might well be the neck

I bought a YAS 82z 18 months ago with a G1 neck - and it played frightfully sharp up top. Tried several G1s and got the same result. I used the neck of my YAS 32 on it and it cured the problem, but then bought an M1 neck and that played in tune too. This is with a Meyer 7m mouthpiece by the way.

The guys at Howarth´s in London told me that they´ve had plenty of people through their doors with G1 issues. However, there a still plenty of people who have no issues with G1s - so it´s clearly an issue of whether or not your embouchure suits the neck and the mouthpiece - some say that wide bore mouthpieces on G1s cause problems.

I know I´d rather change neck than change embouchure - so that´s what I did.

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