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Current Allora saxes - B&S? Amati?

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Hello Sax Colleagues, I was wondering anyone knows where the current Allora saxes are made? I believe they had been made by B&S in Germany, but I have heard the current ones are made possibly by Amati, or maybe out of the Orient? In anticipation, thanks for your assistance.
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The current, newest Allora offerings out of wwbw are not made by B&S in Germany. I believe they are Taiwan made.
Probably Chinese....
The new Dave Guardala New York horns are, in fact, Amatis.
There was an Allora Big Boss alto that was being resold here a while back, after having been engraved by and originally purchased from Jason Dumars, that was said to have been solid copper and a P. Mauriat stencil, the latter of which, if true, would confirm Taiwanese origin.
Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for that information, gentlemen. I asked on behalf of a friend. He was hoping the Alloras might be B&S stencils but I think you have all indicated otherwise. Like many, he and I both regret the passing of the B&S saxes which despite their excellent attributes, never quite gained the market share they deserved.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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