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Critique My Improv On Stolen Moments

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Please forgive the quality of my tone on this, it's through my iphone. Let me know what you think? I'm not sure I'm resolving the end of the blues right.

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Actually I like your tone a lot. It's the rhythmic aspect of your playing that needs the most work, in my opinion. You need to play tightly with the rhythm section. Listen closely and swing hard! You have great ideas, although they don't always seem to fit the harmony yet. I see a lot of potential in what I heard.
Could you point out specifically something? I get what you mean a little bit. But like, what am I doing that can be improved? My rythms too choppy maybe?
You're not tight with the band, meaning that you're playing too loosely without a sense of time and rhythm that locks in with what the others are doing. But I did enjoy your tone and musical ideas.
Alright. I can handle that, due to the fact that I recorded this fast, and the speakers on my computer weren't that great. Thanks for actually posting, unlike the other 8 people who watched but didn't say anything :p

Am i doing alright for a junior in high school? I wouldn't say my goal is to be a professional musician, but I'd definitely say that my goal is to be able to play gigs as a side to my main job.
I see a lot of potential in your playing and you've accomplished a lot already. If you focus on being more aware of the rhythmic aspect and internalize the changes so you don't actually have to think about them too much, then yes, you're doing very well.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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