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Critique My Improv On Stolen Moments

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Please forgive the quality of my tone on this, it's through my iphone. Let me know what you think? I'm not sure I'm resolving the end of the blues right.

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I think you have a nice tone. One thing I think you could do better is hitting more chord tones, or really bringing out the changes of the song. But you have a very good tone and sounds like you have a lot of ideas.
What I am getting at is, at least in my opinion, the greatest musicians are those who can play a solo, and you will know what the song is if there was no rhythm section.

Listen to Quamon on caravan, when hes playing the solo with only drums you can hear him play the bridge and everything. Its a skill that takes a long time to develop.

Keep playing!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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