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Criticism, feedback and direction from recent gigs (me)

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Here's some videos from recent performances I've been in.

I'd appreciate any comments, criticism, advice you could give me that I could work on next year.

The reggae band I'm playing in (was rocking the moustache for Movember :))
Love, Peace and Harmony, Take Me to Paradise, Say Ai, Higher to Zion, Postcards in the Rain and Jah Reigns.

Blues jam at a party - Link 1 (tenor, I'm the second sax player to solo), 5:15 start and Link 2 (crusty soprano), 7:47 start.

Got to jam with a band - tenor, 7:15 start.


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Nice reggae band and you played well in it. Listened to the Party band piece and thought you sounded good, but could have had more confidence. The squawks might be too stiff a reed + some nerves. A trick you might try is to purposely use a slightly softer reed as this makes you relax your embouchure, especially if you're trying to push a bit more air. The Link is probably a bit too mellow for Blues. You're putting through more air and doing OK in "on the road again". If you're not playing melodic ideas, then you could try a few more tricks that work well with blues like growls.

Keep going, you're doing fine.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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