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Craze over a neckless early Mark VI tenor

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Ok, I admit I'd like to have a Mark VI and I do try to find something which I can afford but it is almost impossible even though last year I had no money to spare and one appeared on a Dutch website and went in 5 minutes for less than 2000 dollars. I did get a good Mark VII tough.... bidding in time! :twisted:
Today , on the same site, someone is offering a neckless early Mark VI tenor 81XXX, no original neck and yet he is asking a minimum of 5000 euros which is about 6.700 US $ and he is getting interest. Are we really crazy? Even if this horn would be perfect with a neck I would be probably asking myself this question...... but a neckless Mark VI?

OH well......who am I to criticize anybody who wants to spend (waste?) his money like this.
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well, necks aren't that hard to find, and 81XXX was a very good year, but I agree, it's a lot of money, more than I would spend.
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