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Crane Saxophone Chamber Music Festival ~ April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011
Sara M. Snell Theater
Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam

The Crane Saxophone Chamber Music Festival simply a day of chamber music featuring the saxophone. Standard saxophone ensembles like quartets and duos will perform, but ensembles containing instruments other than saxophone are also strongly encouraged. High school, college and professional groups are represented.

To submit proposals, please visit the website linked above.

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Schedule will be posted mid-March.

When proposing a performance, please be sure to include:
~ name and instrumentation of ensemble
~ composer, composer's date(s), title of the work, year of composition and duration
~ where you live (or go to school)
~ any other supporting information - competition accolades/would this be a premiere/websites/etc.

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10:00 am - Masterclass with Guest Artists
Serpent Trio
Eric Berg, saxophone; Andrew Fund, cello; Kate Sloat, harp

Serpent (2002) John Anthony Lennon (b.1950)

Southwind Saxophone Quartet
Palmer Lao, soprano; Mason Soudelier,alto; Joshua Poche, tenor; Brett Soignet, baritone; Jennifer Foret, coach; students from Terrebonne High School and Houma Junior High School, Louisiana

Premier Quatour, Op. 53 (1857), mvt IV. Jean Baptiste Singeleé (1812-1875)

Concerto (1995), mvt IV. Philip Glass (b. 1937)

Opus 22
Nick Natalie, saxophone; Jen Guzman, clarinet; Maggie Moore, violin; Max Howard, piano

Quartett, Op. 22 (1930) Anton Webern (1883-1945)
Sehr mäßig
Sehr schwungvoll​

Conflict Quartet
Daniel Meadows, soprano; Christopher Nappo, alto; Joseph Agnostopulos, tenor; Samuel Pilnick, baritone

Three Improvisations (1978, rev. 2001) Phil Woods (b. 1931)
II. Broadly
I. Presto​


1:00 pm
Potsdam High School Saxophone Quartet
Sebastian Grimberg, soprano; Lawrence Hazen, alto; Kate Hildreth, tenor; Cassie Grace, baritone; Theresa Witmer, coach

Chorale and Canon (1968/1978) Art Frackenpohl (b. 1924)

2010 Crane Youth Music Honor Quartet
Madeline Morizio, soprano; Maureen Meyer, alto; Samuel Meyer, tenor; Samantha Skelly, baritone; students from Averill Park, Skaneateles and Salem Central High Schools

Premier Quatour, Op. 53 (1857), mvt I. Jean Baptiste Singeleé (1812-1875)

Sam Pilnick, saxophone; Ben Rybolt, guitar

Sejdefu Majke Budase (2007) Michael Djupstrom (b. 1980)

Arctos Quartet
Samuel Detweiler, soprano; Will Hotaling, alto; Joseph Hulett, tenor; Kate Clancy, baritone

Quatour (1949) Maurice Jean Jean (1875-1946) & Faustin JeanJean (1900-1979)
Gaieté Villageoise
Doux Paysage
Concert sur la Place

2:00 pm
Jason Laczkoski and Friends
Jason T. Laczkoski, saxophone; Anna Draper, violin; Daniel Immel, piano ~ Lycoming College

Come Down Heavy (1994, rev. 1996) Evan Chambers (b. 1963)
Steel Drivin’ Man
I Gave My Love a Cherry
Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death
Drill Ye Tarriers​

Wozniak Duo
Lois Hicks-Wozniak, saxophone; Matthew Wozniak, bass trombone

Duo (2011) Carter Pann (b. 1972)
Lyrical Lois
Chopper's Rag​

The Downstate Saxophone Consort
Geoff Landman, soprano; Kristen McKeon, alto; Justin Marks, tenor; Erin Rogers, baritone - NYC

Tango Virtuoso (1991) Thierry Escaich (b. 1965)

Six Bagatelles (1953) György Ligeti (1923-2006)
Allegro con Spirito
Rubato Lamentoso
Allegro Grazioso
Presto Ruvido
Allegro Mesto
Molto Vivace

4:00 pm
Drew Coles, soprano; Nick Natalie, alto; Taylor Clay, tenor; Eric Berg, baritone; Max Howard, piano

Four Chair Legs (2010) Eric Schwartz (b. 1976)
The Waltz
The Tango
The Tarantella
The Polka​

Façade Saxophone Quartet
Scott Yousey, soprano; Nicolas Lira, alto; Mary Sopelak, tenor; Royce Phillips, baritone ~ Michigan State University

Recitation Book (2006) David Maslanka (b. 1943)
Broken Heart: Meditation on the chorale melody “Der du bist drei in einigkeit” (You who are three in one)
Prelude/Chorale: Meditation on the chorale melody “Jesu meine Freude” (Jesus my joy)
Ecco moriro dunque (Look! My death is near!)
Meditation on the Gregorian Chant “O Salutaris Hostia” (O Salvation’s Victim)
Fanfare/Variations on the chorale melody “Durch Adams Fall” (Through Adam’s fall)​

Nocturne Quartet
David Pond, soprano; Joshua Mlodzianowski, alto; Nicole Cusano, tenor; Genevieve Brigida, baritone; Andrew Fund, cello; Joseph Goehle, bass; Ryan Cerullo, piano; Jessica Westerman, piano; Matthew Marco, conductor

Finale from Mountain Roads (1997) David Maslanka (b. 1943)

Flint (1995, rev. 1997) Michael Torke (b. 1961)


7:00 pm
Idit Shner, saxophone; Yumiko Endo Schlaffer, harp

Sonatine “Hommage à Mozart” (1991) Jean-Louis Petit (b. 1937)
Calme – trés rapide – libre

Une fleur sur l’étang (1977) Yvonne Desportes (1907-1993)
La Nuit
Le fleur​

Impromptu Op. 21 (1919) Albert Roussel (1869 - 1937)

Fissures (1991) Philippe Di Betta (b. 1962)

Ofaerufoss (1992) Isabelle Marcoux (b. 1961)

Romance (1991) Yusef Lateef (b. 1920)
with love
quarter- note=100​

8:00 pm
The Capitol Quartet
Christopher Creviston, soprano; Joseph Lulloff, alto; David Stambler, tenor; Andrew Dahlke, baritone

Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet (2009) Whitney Ashe (b. 1970)

Prodigal Child (2004) John Fitz Rogers (b. 1963)

Simple Gifts Traditional, arr. Mike Crotty

Run (2009) Gregory Wanamaker (b. 1968)

Quatour (1949) Maurice Jean Jean (1875-1946) & Faustin JeanJean (1900-1979)
Gaieté Villageoise
Doux Paysage
Concert sur la Place​

It Don’t Mean a Thing (1943) Edward Kennedy Ellington (1899-1974)

10:00 pm
Open Jam at La Casbah
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