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Couple new Chris Potter CDs

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There are a couple of new ones by Potter. One a live one by the Underground band which I've been awaiting patiently after hearing them last summer. The other one, Song for Anyone, is due for release in a few days and features a 10 pc group including rhythm, flute, clarinet, bassoon, viola and more. Reviews welcome.
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MM said:
Sounds like a great show, Chops.

Anybody get these CD's yet?

From the couple numbers on Holland's Extended Play, I really like Potter as an alto player. Not to say that he is shabby on tenor and soprano...
Those cd's are re-******n-diculous There's just no getting around how nasty Chris is. He can apparently play any horn. Honestly, I don't listen to those cd's much, as they're just all a little too busy for me. I have to be exactly in the mood to hear them.
It's a clinic on how to play together as a group though. They are all playing so much at once, yet all listening to each other. That's what impressed me the most about those recordings.
Swampcabbage said:
Did any of you NE guys go see him this last weekend? I was going to but grabbed a gig on Friday night and was already booked Saturday.
Damn. Where did he play? I was booked all weekend, but then my Friday night canceled so I just ended up drinking and watching the Sox least I think that was Friday anyway.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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