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I spent last week with the Palm Beach Pops Orchestra playing a concert series with the Count Basie Orchestra. It was a real thrill to share the stage with this band. I got to sit directly behind drummer Butch miles while playing bass clarinet.

During the first half of the concert, just before the Basie band made their entrance, I got to play a tenor saxophone solo. The last night of the series I surprised the conductor by playing the solo on bass sax.

It was nice to hang with John Williams, the baritone sax player for the last 35 years (see photo). John and I have been keeping in touch for a few years now.

What the Basie band does with the time during ensemble passages must be heard to be believed.


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Butch Miles is a fantastic drummer. He lives in Austin and I've been blessed to play with him a few times. He can change the sound and feel of a band instantly. He's also adjunct faculty now at my alma mater.
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