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Could anyone help ID this Brilhart mouthpiece?

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I am helping my father-in-law sell an item from his collection but would like to confirm the info we gathered on this piece. Based on the smaller Arial font style of the serial number, lack of ligature line and other attributes, I'm guessing this is a 1954-1966-era Carlsbad, California model of the Brilhart brand and the ligature appears to be the basic 3-banded design. There is no identifier/stamp on the ligature however. Does anybody concur with this information? I would like my description to be as accurate as possible. Also, any idea as to a fair asking price on the mouthpiece and ligature?

Thank you!

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Hopefully this will be helpful to you:

Edit: Based on the way you worded your description, it looks like you've already read Theo's website (since your description mirrors what he has there). I don't know that anyone else on SOTW can help you any more than what you've already gotten from Theo's website. When you describe your mouthpiece (you'll have to sell it elsewhere as you are not allowed to participate in the marketplace here), you can simply reference that "based on Theo Wanne's website, this appears to be...." or something to that effect.

As for pricing, this would be your best resource (filtered by similar mouthpiece actually sold):

As is typically the case with "vintage" things, the earlier examples cost more than the later examples, so to the extent you don't find a Carlsbad era Tonalin in the eBay sold listings, you would at least know where your mouthpiece falls within the various price ranges.

That ligature might actually be worth more than the mouthpiece...
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