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I had an alto 20+ years ago that was great . Have played a tenor around that same time that was leaking so I couldn't get
a good sense of it . Not sure about current value on tenors as I don't see them often enough . Would like to try another, though .

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Great players. Kinda fragile construction-wise, IMO, but comfortable (smallish) keywork. Guy Lafitte played one for a while. Tenors have bigger sounds than the altos.

Value ~$1000 for a pretty one in tip-top playing shape. Don't go jacking-up the market on them, I love 'em.

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I had a tenor for a while and loved it. Beautiful focused tone and fast, comfortable (to me) key work. Has the option to switch off the G# linkage with the bell keys which makes playing the lowest notes very light and easy. Double socket neck is somewhat fragile but the rest of the construction is actually quite sturdy. The horn worked fine with almost all my mouthpieces, but I only play low baffled pieces. Biggest surprise is how small the horn looks and feels. When I got it I was convinced it was a high pitch horn, but it was not.
Eventually I sold it to another member here because it was too different from my primary tenor, and I really don't need two tenors.

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I've had quite a few of the altos and 1 tenor. I didn't think the tenor was anything special and sold it. the Altos do have some magic (especially the Monopole 1) although an acquired taste.

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I am the buyer of warp x's Couesnon tenor. I completely agree it feels nimble, agile, fast etc.

To my ears, it has a bold, take-no-prisoners tone. Even with a low-baffle, large chamber mouthpiece, you get lots of projection. In terms of tuning (intonation), it is not like the average modern sax.

Whether this is what you want is a personal choice. If you want or need to blend (think: community band) with other tenors, then the Couesnon tenor ain't the ticket. If you want a distinct tone which stands out, then it may be an interesting alternative.

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I agree with the comments so far. I just sold a Monopole 1 on Reverb. I didn't find any real intonation issues. It was well made. It had a great tone. It was just a bit different and I have 30 other tenors.
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