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Cool Vintage-Style Pro Tec Anniversary Alto Case

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This item closed on eBay yesterday: Pro Tec Vintage-Style Alto Saxophone Case. It caught my fancy, and I apparently wasn't alone as it sold for $170 (but not to me :( ).

Does anyone know anything about these cases? Which Pro Tec anniversary were they made for? Do they fit vintage horns? How much did they sell for?

It strikes me that with the renewed interest in vintage instruments this might be a neat niche for a case-maker - vintage-style replacement cases.
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I had a pair of these for my Conns. They fit fine and protected like a pro-tech. My main issues were that the tweed stiching snagged alot and then the outside pouches stitching/lining kind of came apart. I think the sold for 125 back then. They lasted me a few years.
I was outbid on this case.. really funny that it went so high! I wouldn't expect it would go over 100$.
sorry but I don't have any info on the case.. I really liked it
Swampcabbage said:
...I think the sold for 125 back then. ...
Thanks SC, any idea when "back then" was?
I had one of the original ones. They were made around the mid 90s. They looked super cool, but the tweed got nasty and frazzled looking since it was more "stringy" than you'd see on a true vintage tweed case. If you babied it, it might last, but certainly not a practical case for regular gigging.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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