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Container for various world flutes/whistles?

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Here's a random one: does anyone have, like me, a large collection of (mostly) cheap "ethnic" flutes and such they've picked up over the years? I have amassed a whole bunch (around 20ish) bansuris, shakuhachis, tin whistles, fipple flutes etc etc. I was wondering: What sort of container do people keep them in? Right now, I have them all in a tote bag, but that's proved unwieldy & inconvenient; it's annoying to dig through to find instruments. And it also doesn't look great sitting in a corner of my little home studio. If anyone has a similar situation, what do you keep your misc flutes/whistles in?
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Search "tool roll" plus "chef" &/or "knife." Professional chefs have a lot of knives & take very good care of them. Typically chefs' knife rolls are made of leather, with strong internal pockets & straps. They roll up into a durable, secure cylindrical shape, no outer shell required.
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