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Container for various world flutes/whistles?

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Here's a random one: does anyone have, like me, a large collection of (mostly) cheap "ethnic" flutes and such they've picked up over the years? I have amassed a whole bunch (around 20ish) bansuris, shakuhachis, tin whistles, fipple flutes etc etc. I was wondering: What sort of container do people keep them in? Right now, I have them all in a tote bag, but that's proved unwieldy & inconvenient; it's annoying to dig through to find instruments. And it also doesn't look great sitting in a corner of my little home studio. If anyone has a similar situation, what do you keep your misc flutes/whistles in?
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there are specialized bags to keep " recorders: in , but if you know anyone with sewing abilities they can make one for you.

These look a lot like tool rolls. Many companies make tool rolls of different sizes for different applications. If most of the flutes and whistles you have aren't too long you can probably find an inexpensive roll like this that might work. Either way if I were going to roll a bunch of them up together like this I'd build a PVC tube outer case for the roll to protect them.
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