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contacting roland

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i bought my roland ae-10 online, from a japanese distributor. i saved about $100 doing so. but now i find that there's no way to register it in the states. and registration is how one accesses their data bases.

does anybody know of a way to contact a human at roland?
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why is there no way to register, I can see it here, you create an account and register?

anyway this is the address

Roland Corporation U.S.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040-2938
Driving Directions

Product Support by Phone

If you need operational assistance, you can contact our Product Support department at (323) 890-3740. Product Support is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time.
Phone support is provided for select Roland and BOSS products purchased in the U.S. only. Click here for a complete list of eligible products.

( I've checked your AE-10 is in the list of eligible products)
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Don鈥檛 assume that because a product has been bought in one country it cannot be repaired under guarantee and registered in another

Most , if not all companies operating around the world , have a double system of guarantees, one is called an international guarantee and another is operated by the local distributor, often a third party but sometime the same company although a local division.

Check which guarantee you received with your instrument.

Apple for example, honors an international guarantee, alongside the national one ( I have had experience with two items and as long as I contacted Apple , not just any store but their own official one, they were prepared to honor the international guarantee) similarly other companies do so (Nikon, Fuji and so on) , so first and foremost, read accurately the guarantee leaflet that the product came with, then get in touch with ROLAND USA and try to to get them, in writing, to admit (if applicable according to the conditions printed on the international guarantee) that there is indeed an international guarantee protection regardless of where the item was purchased.

This may very well be the case.

In many cases international guarantees are lasting longer while the international guarantee is limited to a period of 12 months.

Local Roland importers have 5 to 10 years guarantees on some products and may offer only one year to buyers of international items.
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