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Hi folks, I am working on a consortium project to get a new sonata for alto saxophone commissioned by a great composer named Daniel Baldwin. Daniel has done some incredible work in the double-reed community, and I'm trying to get his foot in the door with the saxophone world. He wrote a beautiful piece for the University of Nebraska Saxophone Choir that sparked this project:

We have been trying to get this off the ground for a few years now, but both of us were finishing degrees and things moved slowly. We are finally rounding the corner and we need some help. I am trying to get ten new people to sign up each week through the end of August. All the relevant information is listed below - please take a look and consider joining us and supporting new music. Thanks!

Announcing an exciting commissioning opportunity with world-renowned composer Daniel Baldwin. This project will commission Daniel to write a Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano as well as a saxophone quartet as a companion piece.

This new Sonata will be approximately fifteen minutes in duration. The flavor of the work will be in his typical neo-romantic style with long lyrical lines and beautiful sonorities comparable to the music of Barber, Vaughan Williams, or Copland. The quartet will be one movement of about eight minutes in length.

In the past few years, Daniel has written major works for some some of the top performing artists in the world to include concertos for members of the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, and National Symphony among many others. His music has been performed at many prestigious venues around the world including the Midwest Clinic, MENC National Conference, Isisi (Italy) Music Festival, Carnegie Hall, and at the International conferences of the associations of flute, clarinet, double reeds, horn, trombone, and tuba. His Triple Concerto for 2 Bassoons, Rock Band, and Wind Ensemble will be performed at the IDRS conference in August by the West Point Band. He is currently working on Concertos for several prominent musicians (including Joseph Alessi of the NY Phil). He has written Sonatas for oboe, bassoon,
contrabassoon, horn, and violin. These have been performed many times around the world in countries such as Belgium, England, Australia, Japan, China, Canada, Italy, Costa Rica, and Germany, just to name a few.

With this new project, commissioners will have a chance to be part of the creation of a major new solo work and be recognized in the score for their contribution.

All participants will be listed on the title page as contributors with their affiliation; they also will receive a solo part and piano score. All participants will have a one-year exclusivity agreement on performances before the piece is made available for the general public (the piece will be commercially published at the conclusion of the exclusivity agreement). Once we get a number of people signed up, Daniel would anticipate completing the Sonata by January, 2017. The exclusivity period for programming your premiere performance would extend through the fall of 2017. The goal is have one participant from each of the fifty states but would love to have an international presence as well!

Participants can join in on the sonata, quartet, or both. There are three levels of participation in this project:

Silver Level: $50....gets you the score and part for the new Sonata and your name included as a contributor.

Gold level: $100.....gets you the score and part for the new Sonata and your name moved to the top of the contributor list in a special "gold contributor" listing.

Platinum level: $500.....gets you the score and part for the new Sonata, your name listed in the gold level listing, and your name printed in the dedication above the title on the first page of the music.

If you would like to participate, please send your contribution now directly to Daniel (check or money order made out to Daniel Baldwin):

Daniel Baldwin
912 F Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

You may also use PayPal to submit your contribution. Send to
[email protected].

For more information on Daniel and his music, please visit his website:

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Be aware that if you visit and clic on the "MUSIC" page files will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Something i hate! I won't know anything about this composer because of this intrusion into my computer. Fix it, i'll reconsider. Please let him know.
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