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First of all, let me thank all the great folks who have been sending in photos of their Conn saxophone engravings.
We literally receive photos daily from all over the world, and have been viewed in over 45 countries so far
We picked the play on the word consortia for a very specific reason, as we believe that this is truly a global Conn lover effort, and to date is has been nothing but that.

In our Conntinuum section's "Latest Connections", you will always be able to find the latest news about the site, located here:

Be sure to bookmark that link and check back every so often to see what's new.

Today, we share 3 things that we are really excited about....

1. CONNsortia welcomes - Pete and Helen at and
Working Pete has been incredible, he is a walking encyclopedia of saxophone history.
To date have added all the Conn conntent from's galleries.
This partnership allows us to include over 200 new saxophone engraving images, along with future additions/plans we are working on.

2. CONNsortia welcomes - Ray at The Museum of Musical Instrument Engraving -
Ray's vitual museum, for those who have not checked it out yet, has absolutely stunning instrument engravings of all kinds.
Ray has also allowed us to include all his Conn saxophone engravings from his site.
Ray's deep knowledge of instruement engraving history and the art of engraving has really been a huge help in getting CONNsortia going.
I learned more in one hour long conversation with Ray about this topic than I could have ever done Googling around the interweb.

The above two partnerships, along with my founding partner Brian at GetASax, and all the individual conntributions to date, puts our Chronnological Gallery at over 700 Conn saxophones!
It has also allowed us to launch a new gallery, which brings me to announcement #3....

3. Today we premier our third gallery.
Adding to "The Chronnological Gallery" and "The Many Faces of Lady M" we have gone live with...."The Conn Artists"

We now have over 125 unique Conn saxophone 'portrait window' engravings, which as far as we can tell, is the largest assemblage of such in one place.
This gallery, like the other two, will be conntinually added to throughout time.

This new gallery (along with the entire project) got part of its inspriation from SOTW member Milandro himself!
I was reading a post a few months back where folks were discussing the Conn portrait engravings.
Milandro made a comment that he had seen over 50 (cannot remember the number, and of course could not find the post again, but I am sure he can!) Conn portrait engravings in his lifetime.
That comment got me wondering why on earth we call cannot see them in one place...and so here we are.

Really hope you enjoy the new gallery and site, keep those photos coming!

We have a lot lot lot more planned and in the works, so stay tuned, and enjoy!


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Wow! What a wonderful addition john. Metal engraving has been one of my favorite art forms for years. Working on vintage / antique watches and pocket watches. To many engravings are hidden under the covers. Some Really beautiful saxophones.
I have already used the chronological list several times. I find it amusing I have one at #25. It was literally rescued from a scrap pile last rights auction.
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