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I need advice on a replacement MPC. Current MPC is a Conn Precision with a 3 on the MPC. This MPC has deep tooth gouges from a previous player and the tip is uneven to the naked eye. I am learning to play jazz. I want to keep the horn's deep warm tone. I can't find any charts to indicate the tip opening size for the precision so I have a point of reference for selecting a new MPC. Seeking input on tip opening and MPC models brands.

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I have been using an Otto Link STM in 5* on my ‘33 Conn transitional tenor and it works really well. Great tone and intonation. I usuallly play a 7-8 tip, but I picked up the 5* for cheap and it’s a great match for the Conn. I don’t know what size a Conn Precision 3 is, but 5* is considered a modest tip size. This setup is great for old school jazz.

*Welcome to the forum! This place is great.

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Here is a comparison chart showing that a "3" marking might mean as little as .071 or as much as .085.

I think older ones might have even greater variation.

In addition, the mpc might have been worked on.

Here is a list of discussions on tenor mpcs from this forum's "frequently asked questions" section.

Mouthpiece Suggestions to replace current Tenor mouthpiece:

Sound clips and comparisons:
Bright sound:
For Jazz:
Lead Tenor:
For College:
Big, dark , edgy:
To Cut through:
Great Metal pieces:
Smooth Ballads:
Big, round, good subtone:
Big, Fat, wide sound:
Darkest sounding:
Jody Jazz vs Phil Barone:
Full Bottom, Easy Altissimo:
Under .100 opening:
Dark, Bright, Cutting, Warm and Funky:
Full Fat in the Palm Keys:
All round Hard Rubber:
Cutting and Great Altissimo:
Great Metal Jazz:
Controllable Power and Brightness:
Like a Sugal:
For Beginners:
Cheap Step-up jazz:
Florida Links:
Modern Sounding under $300:
Caravan and Rascher:

NOTE- Mouthpiece choice should not be influenced by horn shape, brand or colour, unless there are intonation problems (possibly due to a really modern mouthpiece on a really old horn).

I do not know your experience level, but if I was replacing a mpc for an old Conn, and working myself up, I would probably get a Brilhart Ebolin 4. In effect, I would drive a chevy for a year or two, getting my driving skills together, before I chose a more expensive luxury item, or hotrod. By then you would be in a good position to make an informed choice on exactly what you want, and you could use the Brilhart as a blank to send to a refacer, besides.

In addition, I would point out that I agree completely with CliffK about the 5* link (or the Tonemaster, as far as that goes). My old Conns love links.

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Lord save us.

I've been playing a 1932 Conn Tranny for years. The following are the commonly-available mouthpieces it plays best with for me:

1. A Link STM. I'd suggest you look for one second-hand here on SotW. Somewhere around a 7 tip (or less !) should work the oracle for you.
2.A 10mfan HR Robusto. Send 10mfan a PM or email. He's a great guy and very helpful.
3. A Phil-Tone HR Eclipse. Send Phil a PM or email. He, too, is a great guy and very helpful. His SotW handle is Sigmund451.

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Thanks Mike

Those pieces are pretty small. I think as you begin to explore you will find that you can maintain the palate you want and better. The precision really isnt "All that" in the world of mouthpieces. I think you are in for a pleasant surprise in your quest. Be careful not to jump to fast and too big in tip sizes.

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Thank you Mike. Hope you’re doing great.
I can certainly help and I have well over 1000 mouthpieces here. I would certainly recommend a smaller/moderate tip opening coming off of what you’ve been playing. I have plenty of small tip opening pieces here that play well.

If interested in talking, just email me at: [email protected]

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I have looked at many of the references shared in the posts. I'll accept the invitation to reach out to a few of you and hopefully select a MPC that is appropriate.
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