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Conn Transitional Alto - What about this?

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Here is a conn transitional alto, you guys say a gold plate will be more yellowish, what about this one....
I recall hearing that Conn did make some transitionals in gold finish w/o the elaborate engravings.. is this one of them?
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I'm certainly no expert, but it appears to me to be lacquer. As stated in the other thread, a good indication of gold plate is a layer of silver plate that shines through where the gold plate wears; here it appears to be bare brass under the finish, usually an excellent indication of a lacquer finish.

Also, the color looks a little off to be gold plated, though that could be a result of the image (it's really hard to accurately picture shiny surfaces).
The engraving doesn't look correct either. What is the serial number?

In the end, it matters how it plays rather than what it looks like. If it plays well and resonates under your fingers then buy it, if not then don't bother.
I have one like the one in the picture. Very nice sounding saxophone. I don't think it's gold plated, gold plated saxophones are also very engraved. This saxophone is a pre 6M, call it in the way you want: tranny or not tranny. You probably could find additional info here:
The photo looks like bare brass. On a Gold Plated horn, the worn spots will show silver under the plating. I doubt they would GP a plain bell horn.
I would go with bare brass unless the it was plated at a later time.

Still play it first and then decide.

I have personally found the non split bell key model tranny altos to be less vibrant than the split bell key models in both tenor and alto. On Baritone however I have found the intonation better with the RH Bell keys. A strange phenomenem indeed......insert weird sppoky music here.......
more pics

i p[osted more pics in the "is this chu-alto gold plated" thread.

I thank you guys for your help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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