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Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Deluxe Tenor

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Is there anyone lucky enough to have one of these magnificent vintage Conns? If so, I would like to ask a favor. I am in the process of restoring one that was missing the high E key, and the middle side key when I bought it. What I need are some photos of those keys removed from the saxophone with measurements of each of the parts in order to fabricate new keys. I have tried keys from another Conn about the same vintage, but they are not close to being the same. I would be happy to compensate someone for the time spent answering this request.
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Quoting saxpics isn't going to get Saxoclese the needed dimensions to fabricate the two keys.
Were you already familiar with the "Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Deluxe Tenor" saxophone?

I have never heard of it before and had to look it up.

Then I posted the results of my search.

I thought it might save someone else the trouble of doing the search to find out what he was referring to.

Please accept my sincerest regrets for having disturbed your Wa in this reckless, feckless manner.
Regrets accepted.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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