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Some asian horns or OK but you never know until you get it. Even the last Conns from the US are better but no great shake. I deal in horns and try to offer midline or older vintage horns as they are the better players. On the downside, you will need to pay at least $350 for something that is playable and doesn't look too bad. Keep looking and try for a Yamaha YAS-23 or a recent Vito.

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I don't know if this helps, but I have a great-looking and great-playing Conn International 86M tenor. As confirmed here, Conn International horns are not ENTIRELY made in USA. Unlike you, I have been able to confirm the originality of my horn as I have seen it an a Conn-Selmer's catalogue that Saxpics has sent me.

Also, here is a write-up from Pro-music News on the (re)launch of this model in 1991:

"The new Conn International 82M baritone Ssxophone was on display at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2001 and at Musikmesse Frankfurt. "This fine baritone saxophone, built in the key of Eb, is a welcome addition to a school or community musical group's instrument lineup," says Kerry Klingborg, woodwind product manager for UMI. "A great value, the Conn 82M is packed with features usually found only in much higher priced instruments."
Its features include lacquered brass body and keys, ribbed bottom bow guard, domed metal tone booster pads, range from low A to high F#, rocker low Bb, articulated low C# and an adjustable thumb hook.
Also, the Conn International 86M tenor saxophone was reintroduced. "The Conn International 86M is a Bb tenor saxophone designed in the classic French style, with full rib construction, drawn tone holes and dome-shaped tone boosters," says Klingborg. The 86M features a detachable bell, adjustable bumpers, an adjustable thumb rest and has a clear lacquer finish. It has a range up to high F#. Like the new baritone model, the tenor model includes a professional hard rubber mouthpiece and a hardshell case."

So, the alto you are looking at may turn out to be a good horn for the money - as someone said it and I myself can confirm.

It may help if you post here the link to the Ebay sale of that Conn alto.

Folks in this community are very insightful and helpful, so you will get some good advice, opinions.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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