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Conn Continental Colonial

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I found one of these for sale on ebay, how much should I pay for a tenor in decent condition, laquer about 85%, and it needs a pad or two. No case. I look forward to the advice!!
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I won the auction, I'll be sure to post pictures, and update when it comes!
Turned out to be a wonderful horn. I got it, and played it for an hour right out of the box. All of the pads currently seal. Some are torn on the edges or center, but it doesn't affect playability. It also has a coating of oil all over the entire horn. Any ideas on why it would've had a coating of oil on it?
Could be smoke from playing in a club. How is the finish otherwise?
The finish has wear on the back , by the neckstrap ring. I'm not sure that it's smoke, because there are parts on the tops of some of the tone holes where there is an accumulation of this oil, and its green. It also stains clothes just like motor oil!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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