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Conn Baritone, SN N135xxx

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Just got myself a Conn baritone sax serial number SN N135xxx.
I tried to figure out were and when it was made, there is no Mexico or USA marking anywhere on the body, and it seems like you can't trust the serial number charts that say that prefix N=1970. Anyway, help is appreciated!

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Correct. The online serial charts are all wrong, basically. N serials existed from '70 to '84. They were the MacMillan ownership serials which Danny Henkin continued until he sold to UMI.

Your number is late 70's. It is therefore very likely MX-made, as Conn production did not return to the 'States completely until around '84.

If you can either post some photos, or contact me via PM so I can perhaps arrange to get some, I would appreciate it. This because , member Stocker and I have been keeping/drafting a Conn N Serial Number List over the past few years to try to get a handle on the physical attributes/specs/details of various N horns.

Is yours a low A or Low Bb ?

BTW, they are good players. Basically the exact same design as the Elkhart-made artists, so they sound and feel the same. In MX horns one tends to see from time to time (but with regularity) some construction/assembly issues which remained fairly constant: too much key play, keycups misaligned over toneholes, key fulcrums on the bow and bell keys poorly oriented. All of these are easily correctable by a decent tech.

Enjoy your horn ...they are fantastic sounding BigHorns !!!
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