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Hi guys,

i was offered a 6m Alto from Conn. Its from 65 and seems to be an US made instrument.
I play a Selmer SA II Tenor, a Conn 11m Baritone.
My Alto is a Yamaha 475.
What do you think.
Can this conn make me happy? ;-)

I cannot test it befor buying.

Whats your opinion on a 6M.

Whats important for me?
Sound of course but also technique and intonation.

Thanks in advance
Auge (austria)

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Oh, well....I think this thread will get few views...because nobody is interested in any Conn Artist models (6M, 10M, 12M, 11M) which do not sport the naked lady.

I say this half in jest...but it's true. IF your thread had been entitled '6M Naked Lady' would get 4x the amount of replies.

Silly....because, having had many of both thru here....I have done side-by-side comparisons between early & middle model Naked Lady 6M's.

Guess what ?

With the exception of some minor key design reworking....they're the same horn.

Same design, same spec, same quality of construction. True that the keywork construction (from the point of view of cleanly the spines are brazed to the keycups) might be finer an the earlier horn if one were inclined to look really closely.

But it's the same blueprint, and the horn was made in the same place, the Elkhart factory...all the way up until 1970.
They sound identical...which would make sense when you use the same body tube, bow, bellpiece, and neck design over a period of 20+ years.

Some claim the '60's horns to be made of a lighter gauge metal on the bodies...could be, I have to admit I didn't check that....but I have checked the tone against earlier ones and it's pure 6M.

I agree with Bruce...if the price is right (and a 60's 6M in very good condition and playing shape has a market value of around $700-800usd - adjust for the fact that in AU the classic vintage horns tend to cost more because there are fewer around, so I would say if it is $900usd or so it's still a decent deal)...they are great horns.

Intonation is not an issue as long as you team up a medium to large chamber mouthpiece with it.

"Technique"...well...I assume you mean fine and is really a matter of taste; but if you are coming from a contemporary horn, you are going to have to woodshed with the 6M for a few weeks to get it under your fingers.

Of course, your reward for that is having an Alto which sounds so much better than a Yamaha, it's absurd....kinda like how your 11M sounds in comparison to a newer-style low A....

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I have had 1950's and 1960's 6M and 10M horns, and I like them all equally. The 1960's models seem to have the best intonation of the history, as if Conn tweaked the neck or the mechanism slightly in their last glory years. If the horn is in playing condition and the price is right, you will not be disappointed. I think you will like the tone very much.
Sax Magic

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I'm a big fan of the 1950's and 60's era Conn 6m/10m horns as I've stated many times before. I would agree that intonation seems improved as well.

A great value on a wonderful player's horn without the added cost of the nostalgia factor for the "naked lady" engraving pattern.

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A great value on a wonderful player's horn without the added cost of the nostalgia factor for the "naked lady" engraving pattern.
I've got a 6M naked lady... Cost me $125 NZ 25 years ago & have paid well over that in infrequent repairs.

Certainly has the nostalgia factor for me.... Will never sell this horn

Cheers & ciao

"Together We Create Beauty"

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The issue of whether or not the later Artist Series Conns are the same as the earlier ones just goes around in endless circles. My experience is that they are not, and there are more than a few who share my opinion. Whether or not the difference is apparent really depends on the style and tonal concept of the player. If you're going for the classic Big Conn sound, the ones with the nickel keys sound bright and harsh by comparison with the earlier ones. With a less dynamic and rich tonal concept, the differences are minimized. If a later one suits your style, great. But the expectation that one of the later ones would have the same tonal qualities as one of the earlier ones could leave you disappointed.
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