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Conn 30M with Paladino d Las Vegas mpc

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I've been playing alto about 3 years, Jupiter Artist series with a Selmer C*. I'm a late bloomer in my 50's. I just recently got a 1937 30m Tenor. My sax teacher had it sitting around since 1960 :D , It came with a mouthpiece that has the name Dick Paladino D Las Vegas engraved on it. I'm trying to play it with a Rico Royal 1.5 reed, I moved down from a 2. I get warbling in the low end and I've only been trying it for about a month. I'm looking for a lush dark tone, and have no idea if the mpc helps or hinders.

Any suggestions? (besides hours of long tones)

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30m's like large and round chambered mouthpieces. And I personally think that mine at least doesn't like baffles. Besides that, support and correct air stream was the most important thing. I know I used to warble on the low end, and no longer do.

I use a Barone Jazz 9 mouthpiece with my 30m. The reeds you're using seem ok...
An older link or even a NY Link would help a little. Also, I had a nice run with one of the modern production Dukoffs (H chamber) on mine. Great honrs. Also, if it's been sitting around since the 60's then it may need a tune up.
Is the warbling around low D, or below it?
The warbling starts around low F and continues through low B. I haven't got a good low B flat yet.

Does your teacher have the same problem then? If so, the horn is leaking. If not, then yeah, time for more work on your part. A cheap way to check for leaks is to buy a two or three foot long, three dollar rope light at Home Depot. String it through the horn and turn the room lights off. Finger low Bb and look for the light to shine through the pads to find the leaks.
When he plays it doesn't really do it. I'm working with it long tones. I'm sure it is me. Have you heard of the mouthpiece? I could find anything about it. I'm thinking about getting a different mouthpiece.

You might want to try a C* as well on tenor to get you started. You could also search the site to see what other folks recommend playing on a 10M (the more common model of which your 30M is based), but most of those pieces are going to be somewhat more advanced and expensive. Keep that in mind.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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