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Carbs said:
How could that be a deal breaker?
it shouldn't be. there are people who are of the opinion that horns need to meet certain criteria in order to worthy of owning.

the reality of it is that the saxophone is 70 years old and over that time certain repairs may have been done in a certain way that would now be seen as less than ideal, such as filing a rolled tonehole to level it.

that said, if the insturment in question were a museum quality horn with an asking price of 3 grand it would seriously devalue the instrument, however if the your talking about a 300 to 800 beater, if a filed tonehole is your worst problem your pretty good.

from what I can tell it sounds like you are looking for an insturment to learn repair etc.... a 12m bari is not a very good place to start. it will require certain techniques, knowledge and very specific tools that are likely out of scope of what you are looking to do. (you will need dent rods to properly level the remaining rolled toneholes)

start with a beat up yet playable yamaha 23, if your goal is to teach yourself, don't start with something you actually might want to play as you'll probably screw it up (i know i screwed up a bunch of stuff when i was learning), people spends years and years and thousand and thousands of dollars to acquire the basic skills and tools required to do a decent repair job.

the 12m sounds and looks like a worthy project my advice woudl be to get it (if you can afford it) and shelve it till you can really do a good job on it.
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