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Hey guys,

I've got a 10M from 1945 with RTHs and all that good stuff. However I have a small problem with the neck. The horn was originally satin silver plate, and before I purchased it the horn was plated gold over the silver. The neck was also plated, even on the connecting section. The other thing i notice is that the connecter is fatter/larger at right at the base of the neck and tapers as it reaches the end. What happens is while I play, the neck slowly forces its way up out of the horn bit by bit. Not to the point that it falls out, but certainly enough to cause a change in tuning.

Im wondering if the neck was damaged and had a new connecting piece soldered on, if the gold plate enlarged it to the point it doesnt fit as well, or something else. Any ideas on a way to fix it, or should I go and start looking to get a new neck ?
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