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Congratulation's Brian Donahoe- Downbeat Student Music Winner

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Hopefully this hasn't already been covered somewhere else here, if it was, I couldn't find it...
In case no one has seen the latest Downbeat, student music winners... SOTW's own Brian Donahoe (HeavyWeather77) won several awards in the 2007 collegiate winners for Downbeat.
Brian was the only name I recognized from here, so if I have neglected someone else... I apologize in advance.

Congrats Brian!!!

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I guess my unforgettable solo and vocal on 'Your Cheatin' Heart' recorded live at the Hotel Honoka'a Club during Western Days didn't make the cut.:(

Oh, well...

Congrats, Brian, you Snarky Puppy, you.:D:D:D:D
Just now saw this post, thanks a lot guys! (blushes)

I was really happy that my group got some recognition, we worked pretty hard putting everything together and I got lucky to have some killer musicians in my quintet. I have a bunch of stuff I submitted up on my website if anyone wants to hear it... feel free to download, pirate, share, distribute, and proliferate. :)
Congrtaulations, Brian!

We played a show last week with Mr. Donahoe and and all the Puppies. Some bands can't bring it live, but this band sure does. Great playing by everyone.
Congatulations Heavy ! You would have to be good to be there and you won .What does that tell you ?
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