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Confused about my Conn!

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Hey guys! Completely new here, and this place seemed like the best place to come for information and sax loving people.

I was just given a Conn from my grandmother, and this thing looks brand new. She bought it for her son who passed away, so he hardly played it and it remained in it's case since then.

I've done as much hunting as I possibly could and came up with a lot of pretty solid information but I'm still confused about the serial number. It's H21337. Like I said, it's a pretty much brand new sax so I'm 1000% positive it's correct. The serial number lists I've read says numbers with "H" as a prefix start at 31247. Is my sax a "mexiconn"?

Thanks in advance!
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Not necessarily at all. It was manufactured in 1966, you are assuming that it is a student "Director" model which would likely place it as being made at the ex BEST Manufacturing plant in Nogales, AZ. However, if it is a pro "Artist" model from the same year of production, it will have been made in Elkhart, IN.


Since you are unfamiliar with saxophones, and what to look for to positively ID this horn, you will need to provide clear and complete photos of the entire horn to confirm.
Having seen the photos, I can confirm that you have a student Conn Director, so called "Shooting Star" alto. While not a Mexi-Conn unless MEXICO is stamped on it (which I am not seeing in the usual location via the photos), the horn was not a pro model and as such was made in Nogales, AZ and not Elkhart, IN.

It DOES appear to be in very fine to near mint condition.
Absolutely a fine horn to keep, learn with, and play. They are generally very good sounding horns.

The caveat being, MAKE CERTAIN that a qualified and experienced tech looks it over completely to insure that it is in proper adjustment and sealing. This applies to each and every horn out there, not just your sax.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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