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Confused about Model Names

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Hey Everyone,

I am just a little confused about the models of certain Bueschers. Is the big b, Top Hat and Cane, and 400 the same thing? Then is the aristocrat a completely different model?

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To try and express this more clearly. The Aristocrat replaced the TrueTone. Firstly as a transitional sax, officially The New Buescher - Aristocrat, but known as the New Aristocrat. It was followed in about 1936/7 by the art deco Aristocrat, often referred to as the series 1. In 1940, the Big B model took over, but still an Aristocrat. It 1950, the Big B engraving was dropped, but he sax remained the same.

In 1942, a different model called the 400 was introduced. Originally with top hat an cane engraving. It was a model to complement the Aristocrat, not replace it. The TH&C engraving was dropped in 1957 when the Buescher slide really took hold, and the Aristocrat was also altered drastically. See some of my other posts for more detail - or ask here and i will add the rest.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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