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Condor, Boosey&Hawkes, Lignaphone

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I now seem to have a collection of oldish alto saxes. Don't ask how that happened (no mystery really). I'm told I need to get rid of one or two... what I have is:

Condor (taiwanese)- mostly playable (except for lowest notes).
Boosey and Hawkes 1940ish - not playable, needs overhaul.
Lignaphone 1950-1960 (so far as I can tell)- also mostly playable. (Same thing as Amati, from what I read?).

I am keen to learn how to adjust & repad these. I figured the Condor (being a cheapy) would be good to practice on; maybe do the B&H when I know a bit more
about what I am doing.

My question here is- which would you keep? which would you get rid of? I don't think any are particularly valuable, but welcome any suggestions of value.

Also any pointers to how to overhaul / repad, most welcome...


Gavin GJ
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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