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I agree with the above

Typically, a reed might take on a very slight bend, more so with a wider tip.

What this means is a reed that has been on a small tip (or longer facing curve) will get a smaller bend, and so should be reasonably OK if you then use it on a piece with a larger tip and/or shorter curve.

But the other way round is likely to be not good, ie if the reed was on a mouthpiece with larger tip and so got a bigger bend, it would not work so well on a smaller tip.

This is a bit of a generalisation so don't take it as dogma.

And of course storing a reed secured on a flat surface should help to make any bend straighten up a bit. However if you take the reed on and off a lot and flatten out, this could (theoretically) weaken the reed due to the constant bending and straightening.
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