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Hey guys,

The director of my community wind orchestra asked me if I want to play a Concerto for the next spring concerto.
So I've been looking for pieces recently and found "Concerto Agrariana for Alto Sax and Band".

I didn't find any topics in this forum about this piece so I'm opening one. What do you think about this piece? Anyone performed it?

You can find Mvt. II and IV on -> Media Live.

Anyone knows any other recordings?

I personally really like this piece and am considering playing it with the community orchestra. It has some nice altissimo in it but the good thing is, the band part doesn't seem to be very hard.

What do you think of this piece?



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I think maybe the question he is asking is - "as an audience member, would you want to sit through and be exposed to this piece?"

I enjoyed the recording, and would listen "live and in concert"

Not EVERY piece that we as saxophone players LOVE will be recieved by an audience with the same level of enthusiasm.

Poor Uli - I fell asleep during his senior recital in college - he picked a real DOG of a work (I felt) and it did not get the job done in the listening portion.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Uli, he's a fantastic player and musician, and he PLAYED impeccably during his recital, but that one knocked me out. Unfortunately I don't remember which piece it was.

But - to the question at hand....yes, I liked it.


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I have performed it, and find it to be the kind of work that is enjoyable both to play and to hear. PM me for my recording if you wish.
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