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Concert Band!

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Being in a concert band at last has got me all fired up with great ideas, that I want to start a concert band/ensemble myself. I have a great, cheaply priced venue (church hall) for practices literally a few minutes walk from where I live and lots of enthusiasm! But to have a concert band, one needs... more than one saxophonist!

Anyone in or near Maidstone in Kent, England fancy it? A subscription would have to be charged to pay for hall hire and to obtain all the sheet music parts. Even if not of concert band proportions, if we started off small, even just a sax quartet and expanded from there, it would be worth it.

Anyone interested? I wish to welcome players of all ages and all standards and experience, from beginners on up.
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Go for it! I'd love to join you, but it's just a little too far!
AltoRuth said:
Go for it! I'd love to join you, but it's just a little too far!
Guests welcome, when you visit the UK or we'll come to you on the US leg of our world tour. :D
Just curious, Saxplayer67. Have you moved forward in getting a band together? (I want to be prepared, in the event that I visit the UK ;) )

Best regards, Ruth
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