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If I were you and once knew how to play then I think I would first try to play all of the major scales again using sheet music to them. It may sound silly but my guess is that you will tire out pretty fast and that playing with the sheet music will start reconnecting those neurons that knew how to play once upon a time. There is a lot of free or very inexpensive music out there on the web also. Someone else suggested and that is a great place. Yasuhiro Fujii has a lot of stuff on his Youtube channel that is free unless you want the sheet music and backing tracks. If you just need to build back up then you can try to play along with him. The notes are there on the screen with a cursor point to which note is playing. What I have been learning from him, the songs start easy, get harder in the middle and get easier towards the end.
I think that these are a couple of the most important things to me. First is to have a time set aside every day when I can play some, say at least half hour to an hour. I can stay with it longer now, before trying more than a half hour was a waste because my mouth muscles just didn't have the stamina. Second is that I don't try to beat to death something that I am trying to learn. I have to know when let it go and move onto something else because I just can't improve anymore. You know what though, I come back to it the next day and find that I am better than the day before. If you doubt me just Google 'sleep and learning', you will find a lot of credible sources to back up this phenomenon.
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