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Coltrane Solo - "Someday My Prince Will Come."

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Hello. I'm trying to figure out where Coltrane's solo starts on "Someday My Prince Will Come." I'm a jazz novice and can't tell where Hank quits and Coltrane begins.
The version I'm listening to is from 1961.

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[delete] Wrong advice.
Trane's solo starts after The band plays half of the melody again, after the piano solo. The reissues of this album also have another take of this tune where Trane doesn't solo at all, probably wasn't even at the studio yet. One story of this session is that Coltrane walked into the studio as the band was winding this tune down and Miles motioned for him to come into the booth and play a solo - hence the odd structure of the tune (melody - solos - melody - Trane - melody) Who knows the truth???

FWIW it is this very Coltrane solo that made me want to switch from alto to tenor and devote my life to this wonderful music. Had never heard anything like it.

Enjoy joeybe!
trane's in at 5mins 50secs

i've done a transcription of Trane's solo -
it's a tricky read for a "jazz novice", though.

I think I might start selling my solos on t'internet like Gary Swift.

[$15 for ten Coltrane solo PDFs of blues & standards ... any takers?? :) ]
This thread inspired me to buy the album and i've been playing over it this morning. That Coltrane geezer!! Wow. I bet Hank Mobley wasn't feeling great after that track! (and I do love his playing, actually). But, I mean, "smoked" and all this competitive stuff is pretty questionable, IMHO, but in this case I can't help but feel that it's appropriate. Trane 1 Hank 0. And that Miles Davis!! What a game player. Very naughty.
I dunno, I think that Trane smokes everyone here. He's on a different planet with this one. Kinda sad though, Miles used to rag on Hank telling him he wasn't nearly as good as Rollins, Trane etc. Not true at all, but on this track, Coltrane is like a man sent back from the future to show us the way.
...and then there's his solo on "Teo" from the same album....a different planet indeed!
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