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College Scholarships

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I was just wondering about how much money would one get from merit scholarships at certain colleges... I'm gearing towards going to college in state since it's much cheaper and my family is having some financial problems. But if I can get enough money, I will opt to go out of state.

I've thought a lot about this and have finally made my list of final five colleges to which I will apply:

* Bowling Green - John Sampen
* North Carolina School of the Arts - Taimur Sullivan
* U Iowa - Kenneth Tse
* U Minn Twin Cities - Eugene Rousseau
* U North Carolina Greensboro - Steve Stusek
(I'm going for Classical Saxophone if you haven't guessed yet ;p)

Overall Questions: How much do merit scholarships range from? What other options do I have in terms of having to pay for college?

I really want to do my best and try to be self sufficient because of my families financial troubles, but if need be, my mom could probably help out, but that would make me feel bad.

Thanks In Advance Guys,
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AP -

Talent-based scholarships vary from school to school, studio to studio. Just as you are experiencing a financial crisis of sorts, so are many universities. If they really want you, your out-of-state schools will probably do everything they can to help you out with some dough. They probably won't come up with a full ride or anything, but could slide a small chunk your way. Your schools will be competitive, though!

I would email each professor (separate emails, not a mass forward) you listed, first expressing your interest in the school - then ask about scholarship possibilities. It would be a good idea to establish this kind of contact early and relatively often. It could be rewarding in the end.

Also, don't forget about Connie Frigo at the University of Tennessee. Fulbright Scholar, studied with Bornkamp, Mauk, Richtmeyer, Leaman. Really friendly and a hell of a player.
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