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As I begin to finish out my Junior year of High School I have been reflecting on how I am as a player. I want to major in music education and get my masters in music performance. Since most college auditions start towards the end of the year and thats when my auditions will be coming up I have been putting major thought into what I can do to become significantly better in the next 9 months based on how skilled I currently am. All of the major works that I have played and completed in my 3 years are listed below (in no particular order):
The Glazunov Saxophone concerto
The Creston Sonata
The Heiden Sonata
The Muczinski Sonata
Iberts Concertino Da Camera
milhaud's Scaramouche
Maurice's Tableaux De Provence
Improvisation Et Caprice
I cannot determine if I am where I should be if i wan to major in music in the future. The reason why I am not very sure of how good I am is because my school has 5 other saxophone players that just as good as me and I know for a fact that I am not the best in my school. Also the pieces I've played have been learned well judging that I have visited with Otis Murphy, James Umble, John Sampen (many, many times), and Tim Mcallister and have been invited back to visit with them and tour their schools and so have those other sax players i mentioned earlier. I am just uncertain with where I stand compared to other high school saxophone players around. My current plan is to use one of the pieces listed above plus the piece I started a couple weeks ago (Prelude, Cadence, Et Finale By Desenclos) for my upcoming college auditions.
Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for anything I can do to get better.

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It depends on where you want to go. It seems like given what you've said you would probably be able to get into a music ed program somewhere. It's impossible to judge how good you are without hearing you, and expectations vary from school t school.
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