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I have just bought Selmer New York Cmelody Ser. No. 62571 In great condition. If any one has any information on this sax i would really appreciate it.
I would also like to replace the case. Since it doesn't do the sax justice.

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well, it is probably a Buescher or a Conn made saxophone.

Welcome to the Forum.

As for most things on this forum in all the years that it has existed there are many references in previous threads.

The best thing before asking any questions is using the earch engine with the dedigate Google Search function to look up things in order to avoid decuplication of threads and consequent dilution of information.

Runnig a search for Selmer New York C melody returns 572 hits.

Look them up here

there is a lot of information in threads already open and it will be much more than you can possibly gather opening a new thread, following up and older thread ( besides being listed in the new posts) produces the effect of alerting all the members whom are still around and whom obviously have an interest while opening a new will only be listed ion a new post and will disappear from that list in a day or two.

Cases options are limited

again, searching the words C melody cases returns about 2690 hits

happy reading and good luck!

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Post a photo. Are there other letters or numbers near the serial number? Look for a C above and an L below or perhaps a P in front of the number which would indicate Conn.

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FYI, it is possible to fix up and re-glue old cases. I鈥檝e done it with many old horns and the cases can be made quite strong again.
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