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Probably an automatic translation. There are several different ones listed. The picture looks like a Claude Lakey. Better than I could do in Japanese but funny nevertheless. They probably are especially popular with "all broke soprano saxophone player." Pasted in from a listing below:

Cloud Reiki soprano saxophone mouthpiece rubber 7 *

It is very popular mouthpiece in the mouthpiece for jazz saxophone.
Bright, and the sound is characterized by a thick power. Pitch is also easy to take, and hard sound, is the clear sound type also a good mouthpiece of usability able to produce the attack.
Other than jazz, rock, funk, and fusion, has been support from a wide range of genres of musicians.
Tip opening size: 1.65mm
* mouthpiece body only. Ligature, cap is sold separately.

[Mr. cloud, when designing a soprano mouthpiece, in order to match the mold until it to the needs of all broke soprano saxophone player, has revamped its own design. ]
* features
* plus a refreshing treble in bright sound, achieving a spread of excellent sound.
* because it has the spread of the control of the good and excellent sound, sound with a warm and rounded be obedient also solo performances in the ensemble can be obtained.

* specification
* tip Opening Miri: 1.91
* tip Opening inch: 75
* object: for soprano saxophone
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