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Gave away a Trane dvd (dagnabbit won the trivia contest) and came home to find a new Trane Jazz Icon dvd in my mailbox. Words can't descibe it.
If the camera was any closer it would be in his nostril.
A great short study in his musical evolution. And study in his embouchure, finger technique, equipment etc

If you put this DVD on an 60 inch HD big screen you can see the use of a DBL EMB by Getz (obvious) and Trane (not so obvious-hmmm--what is your opinion?). If don't have one go to Best Buy or Circuit City and ask them to play it for ya.
Veeerrrrry interesting :cool: :!:

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I double lip and do pretty well on it.

Of course, I'm unable to do a "proper" embouchure with my front two (fake as of a few years ago, don't ask, lol) teeth.

Even with a toothpad it's terrible. But I've always double lipped anyways. So yeah, it depends on the person in my opinion.

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I generally Double lip on soprano. This past weekend I had an outdoor AM gig on tenor. Something about the combination of reed, mouthpiece, time of day and temperature (34 F) made my upper teeth pretty painful when in contact so I double lipped the gig on tenor.

On sop I get the feeling that the subtle changes in embouchure I use for different effects and intonation are easier to control with the double. For tenor my escapade was purely for comfort, though my chops were shot much faster. I've got to remember to put a rubber patch on that mouthpiece!
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