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Clip-on mic position?

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I've been experimenting with my clip-on mic lately, trying to position it at different spots around the bell and at different distances from the bell. I know that many folks put it at the bottom of the bell, but I find that when I put it there I run it into things no matter how careful I am :(

So, I'm curious what others have found successful. I'm using an AMT Wi-5, usually on my Mark VI tenor but sometimes on my 10M and Yamaha 52.

BTW - pictures would be great!

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I have never used clamp on mics but my experience from recording would lead me to saxxsymbol's tip. Aim at your left pinky. If you go for the bell you'll loose alot of the balance. And The further away you get the more balance and natural sound you'll get. And the further away you get the harder it get's to control feedback in live situations. So that's where you have to compromise.

And in live situations there's always the matter of circumstance. If you play a small bar with a crappy P.A and a small stage. Then you might have to keep it tight to the bell and just tweak the eq. If you play a huge hall with an awesome soundguy he might unplug your mic and hook you up with a sweet neumann or something. Or he might use both and mix them for the best sound. I don't think there's a general solution when it comes to mic placement of any kind. Since all rooms sounds different, all P.A's all bands etc etc. You just have to take 5 minutes at SC to find the sweetspot for the day.
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