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clip mic(s?) or 1 mic on a stand for bari?

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i'm playing bari in a pop/rock band and I wonder what the best solution would be for putting the mic (or the mics?). I don't care much about moving around on stage, so this is not a very important argument. I'm just looking for the best way to amplify a bari.
what do you think yould be best:
1 mic on a stand (and if yes: placed in front or at the side?)
1 clip mic (and if yes: what's the best place to put it?)
2 clip mics? (don't know if this works)

thanks for your help, I'm really a beginner in these questions...
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A single clip-on mic would miss most of the sound from the large body. I think you would be better off with a mic on a stand that is slightly above and off-axis from the bell and points downwards to the bell & body.
We've used a clip-on for our bari player from time to time, and it worked fine. Of course, in our funk band, the important notes you really want to be heard are the low ones coming from the full length of the body anyway.
When I use a clip on on my bari, I put the mic on the top of the bell, poiinting between the hands. It works fine. That being said, a mic on a stand also works fine.

Two mics on one sax tend to interfere with each other and have a 'comb' filter effect.
i hoped that no one would say "two mics would be best". i really feared all the possible problems ;-)
thanks so far for your help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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