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Howdy All,
My horn is a modern tenor Yanagisawa. I picked up a King Cleveland 613 alto from the early fifties to experiment with and have the alto experience with. It is fun and gives me an appreciation for how things have developed ergonomically over time. I would like to get as much operational information as I can from anyone in the know about this horn. Things are definitely different from what I am used to. I know not to go looking for a high f sharp key but if possible could use any mapping data about other things to make this journey easier. If someone actually had literature from this instrument that I could access, that would be super as well.
I know the bit about it being a student level horn, but a pretty good one for a student level horn. I know the stuff about no resale value, but it was cheap and I don't care if I sell it or not. I also don't care to have someone tell me I'm either brilliant or a goof-ball for getting it. All I want is stuff like push "A" to get......, push "B" to get......, you will note that "C" is located at......, when you do "D" such and such will happen or don't expect "E" when you do this or that.
Thanks for whatever comes down the pipe.
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