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Classical solo piece for exam

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Hi fellow saxophonists.

I'm looking for a solo piece for saxophone to be played at an exam of my mine. I have been playing for 6 years by now and I practice a few hours every day. I wanted to play something classical for my exam, but I am not that much into saxophone classical pieces. So is there any pieces that you guys recommend or would suggest?
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What's your exam for (conservatory studies, school, auditions)? Not knowing this info, or your personal ability, it's difficult to make specific recommendations for you. Having said that, I can give you a few pieces I've used and enjoyed playing in the past for auditions, jury performances, etc. Assuming you're on alto:

One piece I've always liked playing is the Bozza Aria - technically simple, but demands a ton of musicality, breath support and face control. It's a beautiful piece, both joyous and melancholy at the same time.

Ibert's Concertino de Camera - one of THE standards in the classical alto repertoire, melodically and technically very demanding.

Glazounov Concerto - my favourite piece, very dramatic and requires a high degree of technical ability and expressiveness. It's a long work though - perhaps just the first movement would do for an exam...

Tourneur Concerto - another standard in the classical alto repertoire. Fun to play, technically relatively easy, interesting and quirky.

Good luck with your exam, whatever you choose!
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