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Classic Vs. Vintage and Returning

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Currently I am in the market for a new sax, having played on my Jupiter student model from 1994 for a good six years. Due to the price and reviews from other forum members, I am highly considering a Barone. I am concerned, however, if I am able to easily return the saxophone (for I had tried out a Yas-62II based on reviews here, and did not like it). I am also wondering about the difference between the vintage and classic models, because there is a solid difference in price between the two. I am going to buy an alto, and I am looking into the black nickel finish (recommendations on finishes accepted).
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Thanks for the replies. Koumou, the YAS 62II could not hit high notes with the smoothness that I could get out of the store's own brand (ABI). The store brand had other problems that kept me from really enjoying and thus I returned to my search. Grimmel, thanks for the explanatory reply. Based on your explanation, I'll probably be looking at the vintage alto, but I'll contact Phil and see what he says.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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